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BIG ART in small places 1997 - Judson Memorial Church

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Using employee reviews and management operating manuals, director Alexandra Aron's The H.R. Project twists our assumptions about productivity and success.

Installation artist Caterina Bartha's Oh no! Stop it some more invites audience members inside a rubber-covered booth so outsiders can grope them through rubber gloved holes.

A middle-aged man falls in love for the first time -- Jacqueline Berger directs a pink hand puppet in Sari Bodi's adaptation of Chekhov's The Lady with the Toy Dog.

In Fear and Singing, Susan Bernfield shares drastic and debilitating instances of fear, overcoming her own fear of singing -- by singing Serious Songs.

"Oh, that's just a closet; there's nothing in there!" Guess again. Chris Burney's doing his toy theatre, Closet Sonata, in a number of the smaller hot spots.

Puerto Rican-born Yanira Castro's direction, choreography, video design installation and performance explode from canned cherries, with a original sound score from Tony Silva.

Visual artist Myrel Chernick uses storytelling and image-laden phrases in her video examination of motherhood in Mommy Mommy.

Placed within a long corridor, The Dreamer lies on a bed.... PEEK a BOO! from director Steven Dean reaches inside his head and pulls out a seeming logic of everything that is dreamt.

Harp, saxophone, bass, keyboard, 3 narrators and percussionist/composer Daniel T. Denver slam Gunnar Ekelhof's poetry into a jazz/funk marriage of word and music in Toadskin.

A physical act has been perpetrated -- what remains? Poet/photographer/installation artist/ performer Shannon Philayne Ebner presents Illegal Performance #0001.

Executive Director Jill Reinier brings her Flying Bridge Community Arts to BIG ART with Shadow Stories, a shadow puppet play of African children's stories... for adults.

At times interactive, even assaultive, running the red is a text/music-soundscape project from Michael John Garces and composer David Lawson.

Director Nancy S. Chu and PWP Co-Director Ralph Lewis use source material from Wall Street corporations to expose the raw flesh of corporate ethics in Privileged and Confidential.

Scott McKinley's expressionistic poem, Oh my god Frances, provides both character and context for the surreal video images of visual artist Tom Duffy.

Director Joshua Moyse's Theme With Variation spirals around three friends who commit a murder, an author confronting his audience and the lunatics taking over the asylum.

Open Eyes -- a shared meditation on the immigrant experience -- fuses Paulo Nunes-Ueno's direction with artist Ronaldo Macedo's Panoptico series of Candid Camera boxes.

Ray Neufeld spends the day building a site-specific installation from "multiple modular units" -- taxi cab bumpers, to the casual observer.

In Tawdry Past, monologuist Starla Muraz (Comic Strip, Stand Up NY, Dixon Place) recalls her wild and wicked youth running marijuana out of Texas and Arizona.

A long-forgotten scent can conjure up powerful scenes and emotions. Visual artist Satoko Onishi combines eight lanes of paintings and 200 square feet of fresh flowers in Obsession.

Bill Tivenan responds to American poet Hart Crane with The Bridge Dove, his jazz-poem-performance that brought him this year's Mabou Mines Suite Artist residency.

Panties/boxers/jockeys/bras carry the familial messages of visual artist Clare Ultimo in Questioning the Foundations; because "BIG ART needs talking underwear."

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