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BIG ART in small places

A day-long explosion of simultaneous and repeated art and performance:

theatre dance music digital art film/video installation art

Artists gathered in the sanctuary at Judson Church just before the doors opened
BIG ART, April 20, 1997

PWP takes over every possible space throughout an architecturally unique building in Manhattan for one day and blows the roof off, energizing it with this site-based carnival of vanguard art. At each event, hundreds of artists participate in 20-30 new works in every discipline -- all at the same time and all day long!

For audiences, BIG ART is Art Surfing -- moving from room to room, they decide what to see and when to see it. For the artists, it's a research and development laboratory where they can breathe life into their latest creations. For PWP, it's how we find new theatre to develop and future collaborators from all disciplines.

Russ Kane has been the BIG ART curator since 1996. A visual artist and long-time PWP supporter, Russ spent all day at our first BIG ART. He was so jazzed by the event that he immediately signed on to lead the artist selection and development process.

PWP began doing multi-disciplinary events in 1994 when we offered several individual artists the chance to get started on the "project of their dreams". These one-night-only alternative variety shows -- originally called 10% Peculiar -- featured well-known downtown artists Judith Sloan, David Parker Dance, Shelly Mars and Babes in the Woods in such unique sites as a former steel-door factory and a speakeasy hidden behind a piano store.

1996: BIG ART in small places filled a dozen rooms throughout the historic Greenwich House Music School

the landmark Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village was packed with over 100 artists. Audience attendance topped 600


700 people navigated the four stories of the Lower East Side's CHARAS/El Bohio Cultural and Community Center and enjoyed 39 projects by 300 artists

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