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Site Specific: Peculiar Performance Spaces

storefront art gallery former sweatshop public school
church balcony community center speakeasy historic landmarks

These are just some of the unexpected places that Peculiar Works has "woken up" with its unusual brand of theatre. We decided early on that instead of sticking to just one performance space, we wanted to take our work into the countless extraordinary spaces that the diverse neighborhoods of NYC have to offer.

This kind of moveable feast is often referred to as "site-specific" performance, literally defined as work created for a particular environment or location. For the sake of accuracy, we preferred to coin a phrase for our work -- "site-based" -- meaning it may or may not be created specifically for a site, but the peculiarities of a site are always an integral part of the work.

With site-based work, we've found that not only does an architecturally unique site have an impact on the work itself, but that the work actually impacts the site. Audiences see the work in a totally fresh, fun, thought-provoking way, plus they're never able to look at the space in quite the same way again.

Part urban archeologists, part cultural advocates -- we are constantly meeting with new people from real estate agencies, community boards, and management and design firms in our exhaustive (and often exhausting) space searches for our projects. If you have a dormant space that you'd like to wake up, send us an e-mail.

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